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10 Reasons Why Your Dog Couldn't Be Getting The Exercise He Needs

It’s not only humans who need to get up and have some physical activities, but even your dog as well. Just like any other being, dogs must get enough exercises to keep themselves healthy and maintain a proper weight.

But remember, each dog has different needs. This means that your dog’s exercise activity will vary based on its breed, size, and age. Likewise, for larger dogs, a quick walk wouldn’t suffice the exercise they need. 

So, if you feel like your dog is lacking the energy and becoming bored over time, it’s about time to turn the clock and create a routine. Here are ten reasons your dog couldn’t be getting the exercise that he needs, and what you can do as an owner to help them.

1. Behaviour

Admit it or not, controlling your dog's emotions is challenging. There are certain conditions wherein you know when your dog is just being playful, hyper, or bored. With such a matter, training them to do some physical activity or simple exercise can be ten times harder than teaching them a new trick.

While it may seem an immense problem, helping your dog to manifest its behavior and habits can help you move one step closer to having enough exercise. Be alert with some signs that your dog might surely lack exercise because of their behavior.

For instance, one common sign that your dog is lacking exercise is when they have a destructive manner. In such cases, if your dog can’t put up their energy by walking, running, or exercising, they act badly and do some unfavorable things around your household.

Thus, just like humans, if someone will properly address this through training, you’ll be able to revert this issue and find a perfect solution to help your dog exercise.



2. Weight Gain

Apart from the obvious matter, there could be an underlying problem why your dog might not be getting the exercise that he needs. One case could probably be because of gaining weight. If you’ve noticed that your dog has increased their pounds, it might be the best time to plan out and start a new and effective exercise habit.

Thus, one usual problem why dogs have also been gaining weight is because of overfeeding. Take good note that having a solid combination of proper diet and physical activity can break this case and make your dog healthy. Overall, it will not only be an enormous benefit for you but also your dog. So, as much as you can try to manage and plan out their meals with the help of an expert.

3. Anxiety and Depression

In such an event, humans are not the only ones who can feel depressed and lonely. Dogs and other pets as well, feel the same emotion. Although this factor can be link with behavior, many people have identified that the lack of physical and mental stimulation affects dogs in different ways.

Ergo, if you try to motivate your dog to exercise, their response would probably be something that you do not expect. One sign your dog may experience some anxiety or depression is when they become disinterested in what's happening around their environment. You can see them lying in the corner all the time and not even trying their best to engage with you.

Finding a solution to this problem might be a real deal, as dogs are not humans who cannot fully speak. But, the best thing to do to at least help them ease their pain is by staying with them at all costs. You could also arrange a check-up with your vet as there could be a health problem that your dog might be experiencing.

4. Restlessness

Isn't it cute that you see your dog happy? But — not as excited as becoming restless. Truly, there might be times that your dog is only being too much excited when you take him out to the park or you try to get in their lead. However, no matter how usual this thing can happen, your dog’s behavior may be one sign why you need to exercise him more than ever.

Look at some of their changes and behavior over the next coming weeks. If you think that it’s only a point in time where they act being too excited, then it’s better to plan out an exercise that could help them divert their behavior.

In such circumstances, being attentive to how your dog behaves and reacts to every activity is fairly important. This could either have a negative or positive effect on their lifestyle if such things won’t be followed properly.

5. Busy Schedule

Schedule might be one reason your dog is not getting the exercise that he needs. Not that your dog isn’t healthy, or you have any difficulties with their attitude, but sometimes it’s all about the schedule.

Delegating personal time for you and your dog can mean a lot to your dog's needs physically, mentally, and spiritually. In most cases, dogs who encounter major health problems and later on become ill haven’t taken care properly by their owners.

For once, try to put your and your dog’s time in your schedule and create a “recreational time” for the both of you. This could mean that walking him around the park, jogging on a Sunday morning, and simply playing helpful tricks with them.

6. Rough Play

When things get too fun sometimes, you may only think that your dog is enjoying their time with you. But under that, there could be another reason he is very excited and could have a “rough play” with you.

Sure, some dogs are more known to have an attitude of rough-and-tumble while playing, but if your dog constantly does this kind of trick, then you better be alert and do something about it. Do note that rough play only happens when your dog seems to lack self-control.

This happens when they may have excess energy running through their system, so providing adequate and proper exercise could help them release this emotion. If you truly know your dog reacts, this matter could be a simple thing for you to discover. Ensure to monitor your dog, especially during playtime to observe his movements.

7.   Not Wanting To Exercise

Often than not, it’s just the fact that your dog doesn’t want to exercise. It might seem funny to hear, but this happens to most dog owners. However, the key to solving the trick is knowing when your dog's in the mood.

Letting them have a balanced interaction and socialization with the surrounding people can help them motivate themselves to do some physical activities. Know that dogs are innately loyal, and for some instances, they are like kids as well. They can understand or get a glimpse of what you want to imply to them.

The motivation part of that comes in when you try to start and help them walk around the stairs or even around the kitchen! You'll be surprised that in these small steps, your dog will be much more willing to do more exercise.

8. Barking

One reason and signs that your dog couldn’t be getting the exercise that he needs is when is too vocal about it. For some owners, their dogs might be too open to talk to them about casual things and discuss some matters that both of them can only understand. Thus, when everything gets uncontrollable and getting out of hand, your dog may be simply implying for you to walk with him inside the gym. Or, put it in their language "exercise at the park."

 9. Other Underlying Health Problems

Other than being overweight or having depression, your dog might experience other serious problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If such cases happen, and you can feel that your dog isn't getting any better, ask for help from your trusted vet. Having follow-ups would be the best thing to do if this matter occurred.

10. Environment

You and your dog might be ready to experience a well-rounded lifestyle through having the adequate exercise that you both need. Although these usual problems might always be pointed to an underlying condition, sometimes it's all about the environment where you belong.

You can't deny the fact that most dogs don't get the exercise that they need because there are no available spaces at home, no parks and leisure areas around your neighbor to walk them through.

While this may seem to be a sad thing, there are other options that you can try out to help them get at least the basic exercise that they need. Indeed, the environment is a big factor, because who wouldn't want their dog to run freely around their neighbor and enjoy the scenery, right?

But, if you're stuck on this issue, there will always be a solution for you. Always remember to start in a small but wise way.


Helping Your Dog Exercise in The Best Way

There are a lot of exercises that you can do with your dog. Taking the small step first is the best thing to do. Know that training your dog isn't a simple matter to deal with. You need to have a lot of patience and dedication to it, just like teaching a little kid. Thus, everything will be rewarded in the end if you get to see the results.