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Become The PAWfect Brand Ambassador

In this unique moment in time, where most brick-and-mortar businesses have shifted their market to the digital scene in response to the consumers’ behavior during the ‘new normal’ the growing competition between online retailers have been cutthroat.  Due to narrowed down platforms for commerce, both big and small businesses attempt to dominate the digital market through visibility and relevance, which leaves the smaller companies to fend for themselves.

But don’t you fret! There are a number of ways for us to help small businesses during trying times. A good suggestion would be finding a suitable company that aligns with what you are passionate about and advocate with them through an Ambassadorship Program, where both company and client will benefit through a mutual interchange.

For Instance, if you are a champion for dogs, you may wish to check out Life for Pawz’ Affiliate Program where you can advocate for what you love, while attaining your own advantages and at the same time helping small businesses build both image and visibility at the same time promoting mutual gains.

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Here Is A List Of Things You Should Consider Before Becoming A Brand Ambassador:

1. Terms & Conditions Apply?

The terms and conditions act as a safety net for both client and company. Such documents will serve as your foundation and guidelines for your partnership. It is significant that both parties’ expectations have been integrated and established clearly into place to avoid future disagreements.   

Take note that partnerships similar to this could not be broken off instantly unless it has been defined accordingly in the agreement and conceded by both parties. It is always recommended that if there are matters that are unclear to you on the agreement, do not hesitate to ask and question, this is to prevent future misunderstandings between you and the team.

Every company has its own set of terms and conditions which varies depending on the product that you wish to endorse. Check out some examples of general terms and conditions being asked from brand ambassadors:

  •     A Brand Ambassador is expected to publicly promote and share a company's mission and vision, products, and posts through his/her active social media accounts.
  •     A Brand Ambassador is entitled to his/her own discount codes that they can share with their followers. Each time the discount code is availed, the brand ambassador receives 10% commission per order and additional incentives.
  •     A Brand Ambassador is given the opportunity to view and get the latest products and styles beforehand.
  •     A Brand Ambassador is eligible for a discount code that you can share with your followers and a large one for you to use for personal matters.
  •     The company gives you a break to get featured on their website, and social media accounts for more exposure.

Here in Life for Pawz’ we value the importance of Transparency and Communication with our brand ambassadors this leads to and builds on mutual respect and confidence among our growing family. As a result of our strong partnerships, we were able to garner positive feedback from our clients! 

2. Background Check!

Consider the kind of brand you will be advocating for! For every Ambassadorship program you are about to partake in you must make sure that your choice of company has a mission and goal that would complement your passion and cause.

Partner with brands that have social objectives and that are dedicated to inspiring and influencing through the vision of the company and the products they market. Aligning your personal goal with the company builds value in the partnership.

Life for Pawz’ is a company that values the importance of Advocacy and Cause. We look for brand ambassadors that share the same love and care we have for our fur-babies. We make sure that if you join our family, you will enjoy and be fully engrossed in the work we do and the products we promote. 

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If you are or know someone with disabilities that have or are interested in service dogs, Life for Pawz is here to help! Check out our community intended for service dogs owners in the link below:

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3. Market Through Personal Passion

Similar to the saying "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life", supporting and promoting what you love and what you are interested in will flow out of you so easily. Becoming a brand ambassador entails you to be “the face” associated with the brand that is expected to increase awareness through publicly representing the company using its products and services. 

You, as brand ambassadors are expected to inspire through Fervid Passion and Advocacy! You work to maintain a healthy relationship between the company and clients, pitching the significance and relevance of the brand and what they market. It is the obligation of the brand ambassador to assist in the influence of purchasing patterns of our consumers, which can be effectively done if you are consistent in establishing product awareness accompanied by your passion and advocacy.

Great love for pets you say? Well isn't that PAW-some! Life for Pawz’ has an ultimate offer for you! If you and your pup want to join our growing family as our future brand ambassadors you will need to know more about our products and services to create a better online presence for you, your pup and our company.

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Authenticity is key to being an effective brand ambassador. Having a significant number of audiences that have been viewing and following your posts for quite some time now, they can somehow depict your sense of legitimacy and sincerity in what you want to show and communicate to them.  

An effective brand ambassador must represent the company’s ideals consistently while maintaining authenticity, this small act shows that the company respects our current and future clients through building trust by ensuring that they get the best and genuine experiences when dealing with the company and their brand ambassadors.

In Life for Pawz’ Affiliate Program, we respect the person and pet’s individuality and creativity, yet we instill the importance of our company’s values and ideals by guiding our future ambassadors on how to communicate our products through genuine experiences. For instance, our Ambassadors, your fur-babies, can flaunt their individuality and share how fashionable and practical they are by parading handmade our flannel dog bandanas.

Check out our clients’ authentic and satisfactory experiences through their photos:

Our Fur Friends 

5. Join The Life For Pawz' Affiliate Program

If you got all these in check, then you and your dog are one step away from being the next Life for Pawz brand ambassador! 

The Affiliate Program of Life for Pawz has great offers, our ambassadors will get 10% commission in store credit on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code.

Go on this colorful journey with us by showcasing your pets’ fashion sense through our handmade flannel dog bandanas. We offer a range of vivid colors and playful designs that you and your pet can choose from. Our unique bandanas are also inclusive to a variety of dog breeds, sizes vary and can accommodate both small dogs and large dogs. If you have the same interest, passion, drive, and potential, we welcome you to be part of our growing family as the ‘new face’ representing our brand, our advocacy, and most importantly our story.