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    Flannel Reversible Dog Bandana Pregnancy Announcement - Big Sister

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    Product description

    Hey there! If you're looking for a cute and personalized way to announce the birth of your baby, our collection of 100% flannel reversible dog bandanas is perfect for you and your furry friend!

    These bandanas are not only adorable but also practical, as they are reversible and made of flannel, ensuring maximum comfort for your dog. And the best part? They are personalized with the embroidered message "Big sister" on one side and the name of your dog on the other!

    Whether you have a spring or fall baby, these bandanas are a great way to announce your baby's arrival to your friends and family. You can even gift them to your parents or uncle to make the announcement even more special.

    So, if you want to add a personalized touch to your baby announcement, our 100% flannel reversible dog bandanas are a great choice!

    ★ Big Sister in Training

    ★ Big Brother

    ★ Big Brother in Training

    ★ Discover a bountiful collection of Baby Announcement bandanas at this link. ★

    To measure your dog's neck for the perfect fit, use a ribbon or rope to mark the thickest area at the base beneath the collar. Measure the neck using a ruler or tape measure and opt for the larger size if uncertain.

    ★ Available sizes for the Life for Pawz Dog Bandana ★

    - Extra Small: Fits neck sizes 9" to 11" tie to and snap.
    - Small: Fits neck sizes 12" to 15" tie to and snap.
    - Medium: Fits neck sizes 16" to 18" tie to and snap
    - Large: Fits neck sizes 19" to 21" tie to and snap
    - Extra Large: Fits neck sizes 21" to 23" tie to and snap

    The Life for Pawz Dog Bandana is made of soft, high-quality flannel cloth and has a built-in clasp for a secure fit. To use, tie the bandana around the dog's neck and snap the ends together. This bandana is fashionable, durable, and versatile with the ability to be folded for different looks.

    ★ How to Use Life for Pawz Dog Bandana ★

    The Life for Pawz Dog Bandana is a fantastic way to give your dog a fashionable and cozy look. The bandanas include a built-in clasp and are constructed of soft, high-quality flannel cloth to stay on during all of your pet's adventures.

    ★ Step 1: Tie the Bandana Around Your Dog’s Neck ★

    Tie the Life for Pawz Dog Bandana around your dog's neck as the initial step in using it. Instead of pressing into the coat, the bandana should lie gently against it. You can always tie it a bit tighter to ensure the ideal fit.

    ★ Step 2: Snap the Ends Together for a Secure Fit ★

    Snapping the ends of the bandana together comes after it has been wrapped around your dog's neck. By doing so, you can guarantee a tight fit and stop the bandana from falling off.

    ★ Why Choose Life for Pawz Dog Bandana? ★

    The Life for Pawz Dog Bandana is a great option for dog owners who want their pets to look and feel fantastic. The bandanas are constructed of soft, high-quality flannel cotton and have a built-in clasp to ensure that they stay on throughout all of your dog's activities.
    The Life for Pawz Dog Bandana is also lovingly and carefully made to guarantee that your dog feels special. The bandanas are fashioned from a premium, single-layer square of soft, torn cotton flannel that has been folded into a triangle shape and then covered with a second layer for enhanced comfort. The edges are hand frayed for a rustic appearance before being zigzagged stitched to promote longevity and prevent further fraying.

    ★ Different Looks with Life for Pawz Dog Bandana ★

    The Life for Pawz dog bandana's ability to be folded down for various styles is one of its amazing features. This implies that you can alter the bandana's design to meet the occasion or your dog's attire.

    ★ Quality and Durability ★

    The Life for Pawz dog bandana is both fashionable and strong. The bandanas are zigzag stitched for added durability and to stop further fraying. To contribute to the bandana's overall quality and style, the edges are manually frayed for a rustic appearance.

    ★ Built-In Clasp for Security ★

    The integrated fastening on the Life for Pawz dog bandana is another fantastic feature. No matter how busy your dog is, this clasp ensures that the bandana will remain in place throughout all of their escapades.

    ★ Life for Pawz Branding ★

    The Life for Pawz Dog Bandana is a stylish dog accessory that has a cork tag with the business's logo on it. The bandana is constructed of soft, premium flannel fabric and has a built-in clasp to keep it in place during activities. The bandana is ideal for dog owners who want their puppies to look and feel their best because it is foldable for adaptation and durable for long-term use.

    ★ To maintain the quality of your bandana ★

    Hand wash in cold water and air dry flat. Iron flat without clasps for a crisp appearance. For personalized or vinyl bandanas, iron on the reverse side, avoiding direct contact with vinyl or embroidered.

    ★★★ Note ★★★

    Our bandanas are crafted with care, making each one unique with slight variations in size and pattern placement. Please keep in mind that the color of the bandana may appear differently on different electronic devices. To complete your look, our bandanas can be paired with matching scrunchies, which are also handmade and sold without personalization. Thank you for choosing our handmade bandanas.

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    Flannel Reversible Dog Bandana Pregnancy Announcement - Big Sister

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